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Inspiring Architecture

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by: Tamara Jacobs
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Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 Time: 9:44 PM

Like any art form it is easy to understand how architecture has evolved, what styles are currently popular and what the most attractive attributes of a building are - high ceilings, big open spaces, lots of natural light etc. What is difficult to understand is how on Earth architects are able to visualise something that is so different from the space they are currently looking at and yet it happens all the time.

Some examples of remarkable home turnarounds are:

Bungalow to Bung-hello!

Artist and photographer couple moved into a West Los Angeles home and felt that it was too dated and the neighbourhood too suburban, what they did love were the views. They saw potential to create something quite spectacular, to give a basic home that element of surprise that is so welcome in architecture. They worked together with architects Escher and GuneWardena to do a full scale renovation that would completely change the look of their home and, as a result, their entire lifestyle. The interior is almost minimalist in style, with low beds and plain couches, but it has quirky touches like ceiling high bookshelves where they store their records, and with massive windows and glass sliding doors, a tremendous amount of natural light.

Living room to Great room:

A Canadian family based in Toronto, decided they wanted to renovate their country home located just north of Orangeville. The home was on a fabulous piece of property, large in size with lots of rooms and character, but it was run down and time for a change. They worked together with a known architect from the region, Jamie Pearson, to reinvent their beloved home. Pearson came in and in a single vision flipped the entire home around. The back became the front, the master bedroom was extended and converted into a great room, consisting of the kitchen, dining and living rooms as well as a screened-in porch. Great rooms are Pearson's specialty.The roof was raised and a magnificent stone fireplace was built to create a divide between the eating and cooking area and the sitting area.

Breaking down walls:

History has always enjoyed architectural styles where every part of the house had its own room. The kitchen was separate from the dining room, the library separate from the living room or den and the bedrooms separate from the rest of the house. Modern living breaks down a lot these walls to create larger spaces suitable for all kinds of activities. Hosts can cook and talk to their guests while they enjoy a drink in a comfortable seating area. Parents can work on their computers while children watch television and read their books in the family room.

From small touches to full on renovations the vision of architects can be nothing short of astounding.

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