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Some Points To Consider In Achieving SEO

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by: Adriana Noton
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Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 Time: 9:16 PM

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital to the successful promotion of any business or organization. It involves more than just submitting your URL to the search engines and hoping for the best. These tactics begin at the level of how your site is designed, and continue into all other areas of accepted product and service promotion.

Internet marketing encompasses the entire world as an arena to promote your wares using a simple URL to a web site where people cab become your customers. Because of this, a web site should be attractive, but well organized so that individuals can find what they are interested in reading. Customer confidence can be improved by adding a Contact Us form to your site so they can ask additional questions if necessary.

The next step in site promotion is submitting the URL to search engines where their spiders will add it to the list of sites to index. Your site documents can include information which the spiders use in determining how to index the site. This information can be added in the Meta Tag fields, to include keywords which are used by the spiders for indexing, and in your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.

Link building is a promotional procedure that involves getting as many links to your site, as possible, from other peoples web sites. This is also known as 'backlinking', and is researched by the SE spiders to establish the popularity of your web site. The applied theory is that the more backlinks to your site, the more people who have done business with you and consider you a trusted source of products or services.

Article marketing is an area of site promotion where a business can increase its number of backlinks through the use of articles written on a related subject explaining the features and benefits of a product or service. Once this content is posted to these directories, other people can read them and may want to post the article on their web site. Each composition has a Resource Box where the author puts a URL to their site which creates another backlink.

Social media quickly took the world of the Internet into a whole new realm of personal interaction, and the result created a place where more backlinks can be established. A business person can post comments to blogs and other media about a subject that is related to that site and usually include a link to their own site where anyone reading that post can choose to follow the link for more information.

Mobile devices created another area of advertising where mobile marketing uses the same type of PPC ads as the search engines to promote a product or service. Shoppers can surf the Internet from their mobile phones and find restaurants, and other businesses, and in the process click on a backlink.

SEO is not just about having a beautiful web site, and submitting its URL to the search engines for indexing. It is about gaining the maximum amount of exposure for your business, as possible, while spending the least amount of money. SE companies want their SERPs to be quality links, and often change their tactics to ensure accurate results.

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