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Superbowl Party Planning Tips

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by: Andy Grant
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Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 Time: 9:11 AM

The Super Bowl is the event of the season for football fans. Hosting a Super Bowl party requires some planning, including preparing the food, decorating your home and making sure that you can comfortably accommodate all of your guests.

Inviting Everyone

Make a list of everyone that you want to come to your party. Then, send out invitations. Websites like Evite allow you to email all of your guests, and then your guests can immediately RSVP for the event.

Gathering Up Your Dishes

Food is a major part of any party, especially Super Bowl parties. Always have a diversity of snacks. Invest in the ever-popular chip and dip, and cheese, meat and vegetable trays. If you don't want to be responsible for buying all of the food for the party, ask your guests to chip in with potluck dishes or beverages.

Create a shopping list of everything that you need, and try to purchase as many items ahead of time as possible. You may have to pick up a few food items the day of the party, but you don't want to be running around right up to the time your guests arrive.

Have Enough Alcohol

Beer is usually the drink of choice for any Super Bowl party. Some people, however, will also want something else to drink. Mix up a party punch ahead of time. These "feed" a lot of people and prevent you from constantly mixing drinks throughout the party.

If you are unsure of what everyone likes, ask your guests to bring what they want to drink. Just buy a few mixers like Coke, soda, orange juice, etc.

Decorating Your Home

Before you start decorating your house, make sure it's clean. You may want to do most of your cleaning a couple of days before, and leave vacuuming and cleaning up the kitchen until the day before the party.

Next, decorate your house with the colors of the two teams. You can decorate opposing sides of the room in different colors. If it's the home team that's playing, then go all out with team paraphernalia, jerseys, posters, etc.

Rent a Projector

Be sure to rent a projector, and clear some space on a large wall. Hang the screen on that wall, and set up the projector near the back of the room. Gather up as much seating as possible, and position them around the screen. If you rent a projector and screen, you won't have to worry about investing in a new television, but you'll still have a large enough screen so that everyone can truly enjoy the game.

Last-minute Preparations

Do any last-minute cleaning or cooking a couple of hours before the party. Buy a couple of bags of ice since you'll probably run out of your freezer ice before the party is done. If you need to heat up any food items, stick them in the oven on low about 1 to 2 hours before your guests are supposed to arrive. Set up a buffet table, and put out all of your food and drink items.

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